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How to Roast a Turkey

Craving for a moist, succulent piece of turkey breast? Do you want to sink your teeth into a perfectly cooked and seasoned turkey drumstick? Either way, roasting a turkey isn't difficult. Turkey (optional) Broth (vegetable or chicken) Optional Spices...

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How to Stuff a Turkey for Thanksgiving

Take this turkey and stuff it! Well it's not that easy, but stuffing a turkey is fairly easy, according to many cookbooks. According to most recipes, the difference between stuffing and dressing is how the dish is made. Stuffing is placed inside the turkey...

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Broncos Cut Quarterback Kyle Orton

Kyle Orton has gone from Jay Cutler's replacement to Tim Tebow's backup to the unemployment line. The Broncos released the 29-year-old veteran quarterback Tuesday, six weeks after benching him following a 1-4 start. "I spoke with Kyle earlier today and...

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Thank You, Grover Norquist

So it's all Grover Norquist's fault. Democrats and the media are singing in unison that the reason Congress's antideficit super committee has failed is because of the conservative activist's magical antitax spell over Republicans. Not to enhance this...

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