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Avon Products Inc is the leading product seller in the world, and also deals with some non-beauty-akin products. The company runs its operations in 63 countries and distributes its products in 41 more through unique distributorships. It has different product lines that include beauty, fashion and home. This article gives you an overview of Avon Products Inc.

Cosmetics and make-up

Cosmetics and products for fragrances, skin care and personal care are related to the beauty segment of Avon. The fashion segment is the one consisting of jewelry, watches, accessories and children's products. The last segment of home products pertains to gifts, decorative products of aesthetic value and fitness products.


Avon offers the best products from make-up to skin care, fashion to fitness and lingerie to jewellery. It serves as a one stop shop for all your beauty and lifestyle needs. The wide range of Avon cosmetics assures to make you look awesome. It remains the most coveted make-up shops worldwide, and they have some great products for the taking.


A fantastic range of lipsticks and lip glosses colour up your lips with softness, and yet they sparkle. The Avon make-up segment also has some wonderful products, conditioners and fortifiers, to make your nails healthy and strong. To make your skin look flawless, it presents a great range of concealers and blushers.

It doesn’t end with that because they also have eye kits to make your eyes look beautiful. A specific Color Trend range is the highlight of the beauty segment, and promises to be a great addition for everyday use.

Home products

Avon home products range from fitness accessories like slimming shorts and foot-soothers to other home accessories like bathroom scales and ceramic mugs. These products are part of our daily life, and are value additions to the luxurious life everyone wants.

Avon rep

Avon also gives you the opportunity to become a representative, sell Avon products and earn extra money while working flexible hours. You not only become your own boss, but also get certain benefits from the company like discounts, and get some of the products even for free.

Shop online

Your favorite Avon products can be bought online, or from local distributors spread across various parts of the globe. So, shop now to turn your life upside down with the exciting products on offer at your nearest Avon shop.

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