How to boost self confidence at work?

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One of the main problem people often meet is that they lack self confidence. They do not have enough guts to ask for pay raise, ask for a favor or ask for a work to be done by their subordinate. Here are some tips on how to boost confidence.

Imagine yourself as confident

What you think is what you are. If you want to show confidence, then you must see yourself as confident. If you see yourself as confident, you will give subtle and unconscious signal that you are confident and people who will receive this signal will act with you as if you were already confident. Think and be confident.

Stand upright

Morphological changes affect mindset. If you have a smile on your face permanently, when a sad news strikes you, you will be not be as such affected. Stand upright as confident people does and you will find that your mindset will automatically and immediately change. This is a magical recipe for confident boost. You can use if just before you a time you will have to take to your boss, manager or customers.

Show your stomach and your face

This is more an animal thing but which happens in human. In the animal kingdom, the commanding lion will walk in a way that his face is exposed, this is a sign that no one would dare to hurt him because he is confident he is the king. Same for man, those who exposed their face and stomach doesn't fear anyone. This is this rule who makes us protect our face and stomach in a fight.

Take your time to talk

Those who are confident takes their time to talk. They know you will listen to them because they are the wise man. They take their time to think upon something before saying something. Take the guru in India, don't they take their time. A good example of this is Osho, a guru who displays confidence in his way of talking.


Think about you as confident, it is the first and most important step. If you think you are shy, you'll be shy but if you think you are confident, you will be as such.

[Patsy Donovan, Red Sox manager (baseball)] (LOC)

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