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Weslo is in the business of producing treadmills and the company has produced the Cadence treadmill product line since the 1980s. The machines are designed for consumers on a tight budget, with prices ranging from the Weslo Crosswalk 7.8 and Weslo Pro Crosswalk S 7.9 at $399 to the more basic treadmill, Weslo Cardiostride at $129. (price seen on on 05.07.11).

The Weslo Cadence treadmill

Each of the machines is designed with a weight limit, depending on the model. Generally, weight limits range from 200 to 275 pounds. Exceeding the specified weight limit may cause damage to the machine. It could malfunction and cause possible injury to the user.

Safety measures

The Weslo Cadence treadmill product line includes safety features on all its models including its earliest offerings. For example, the Weslo Cadence 8.0 was manufactured in the late 1980s and required the insertion of a safety card to turn the machine on. If the safety card was lost or misplaced, a credit card apparently fit the bill quite well. The treadmill would not start without the insertion of the safety card.

A more recent model, the Weslo Cadence G-40 also has a similar safety feature. It requires the use of a magnetic safety key to start the machine. The key is at one end of a clip on belt, for clipping onto an area of the user’s clothing. The key is designed to pull out of the console should the user slip while on the machine, immediately bringing the treadmill belt to a stop.

The Weslo treadmill is popular with home exercisers on a budget, people who prefer not to spend a large amount of money on a treadmill. The Weslo C44 is characterised by comfort cell cushioning, easy pulse heart rate senso, step-by-step three window console, 16 by 47 inch treadbelt, 1.75 HP motor and 3-10% power incline. The purchase price of approximately 400 dollars (price seen on on 05.07.11) is inclusive of a 90-day parts and labour warranty.

What others say

Reviews on the Weslo C44 suggest that it is a light weight treadmill which is not very durable or stable. The reason being the walking area is very small. It is recommended for use by people who weight less than 200 pounds. It is not recommended for use by people who are runners or heavy users.

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