How to Stuff a Turkey for Thanksgiving

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Take this turkey and stuff it! Well it's not that easy, but stuffing a turkey is fairly easy, according to many cookbooks. According to most recipes, the difference between stuffing and dressing is how the dish is made. Stuffing is placed inside the turkey while dressing is baked in a casserole. Either way both make great holiday side dishes. The following tips are from the United States Department of Agriculture.


Defrost the turkey.



Prepare the turkey for roasting.


Prepare the stuffing recipe immediately before stuffing the turkey.


The stuffing ingredients can be prepared ahead. Mix together the dry ingredients in preparation for the next day's cooking session. Do not combine the dry and wet ingredients in advance. Keep the ingredients separate until ready to stuff the turkey.


Stuff both the neck and body cavities using approximate 1/2 to 3/4 cups stuffing per pound of turkey.


Tuck the turkey legs inside the skin flap for a neat appearance.


Do not roast a stuffed turkey, if you do not have a meat thermometer. A meat thermometer is essential to ensure the stuffing temperature reaches 165º F.


Let the roast turkey stand 20 minutes before carving. Immediately remove the stuffing and place it in a serving dish after the standing time ends.


Promptly store the stuffing in the refrigerator. Use the stuffing with 1 to 2 days after the cooked stuffing is served.


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