How to pierce your own belly button?

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Piercings have become very common these days. There are piercings for all kind of body parts, ranging from nose piercing to lip rings, from ear piercings to tongue piercings and even navel piercings. Navel piercings have become very popular nowadays, and a number of people choose to do it themselves. One should be suggested to have it done by a professional, as there might be some accident. However, for those who would love to pierce your own belly button, this article provides you with the steps to be followed when piercing your own belly button.

Piercing your belly button safely

  • The first thing is to ensure that you are ready to do this and if you are really sure, you need to collect the required items. The items which you will need to make your self-piercing kit are:

· A needle (preferably 14 gauge)

· Alcohol cleansing pads

· Rubber gloves

· Clamp

· Mirror

· Markers

· A jewellery to start with

  • After having collected all the items, wash your hands properly and wear the rubber gloves to make your sure that any sort of infection is prevented.
  • Clean the needle with the alcohol cleansing pads, and use them to cleanse the area in order to free it from bacteria.
  • Use the body marker to mark the point of insertion (point on top) and the point of extraction (the point at the bottom).
  • Clamp the area that you have just marked to tighten your body. You will also need to make sure that the clamp is placed correctly. The clamp needs to be in the centre and at a correct angle.
  • The painful part begins. Take the needle and push it through the entry point which you marked.

Do not hesitate now, as it wouldn’t help and keep pushing evenly.

  • The jewellery piece needs to be threaded to the needle. Remove the needle from the exit point, so that the jewellery takes its place.
  • Secure the jewellery from both ends so that it doesn’t hurt. You are now done, and you just have to wait for the piercing to heal within a few weeks.

Final thoughts

The piercing process is an agonising one, you not only save some bucks but you also have the pleasure of piercing yourself. You need to be careful though, as it may scar or even infect the pierced area. You can also watch some belly button piercing videos to get some assistance on the process.

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