The truth about Subway: Subway nutrition facts

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Subway is an American fast-food chain that sells sandwiches, called subs and salads. Subway is becoming the most popular food-chain with an ever increasing rate of growth owing to its success with its natural subs. Another reason for its popularity is the choices offered by them when buying your sub. You can have different kinds of bread, sauce and all other stuff that make your favourite sandwich. Read this article to learn more about Subway.

The nutritional facts about Subway

Subway is open about nutrition facts of its products. They provide you all the information regarding the different products. Anyone can have access to that information and know if Subway serves you well or not. The list will give contents of all kinds of nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, fibres and cholesterol. The subway nutritional information is also categorised in blocks of different sandwiches they offer. Serving over 50 combinations of sandwiches, they have divided all subs into more than six categories.

The fact to savour is that the subway sandwiches with the highest calories have only 580 calories. Subway Tuna, the sandwich with the maximum fat content, has only 30 grams of fat.

Talking of an average trend, most of the sandwiches contain less than 500 calories and the fat content is extremely low. The subs are high on nutrition satisfying a great deal of your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. Some of the sandwiches might contain as low as 300 calories whereas the fat content in some is less than 10 grams.

Most of the calories come from the bread used and varies from bread to bread. Most of the subway breads will contribute a similar amount but Honey Oat bread has a significantly more amount, than others, of about 250 calories.

Vegetables and condiments contribute a very less amount to the total calorie content.

The conclusion

Apart from minor differences in some countries, Subway probably serves the healthiest food of all fast-food chains. The food is high on nutrient value and extremely low on fat. Apart from being healthy, the food is also tasty. No other food chain has their kind of foresight and it can definitely claim to be the best in health concerns. The only thing they might need to take care of is the high sodium content which can be reduced in order to improve further.

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