Types of herbal laxative tea

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A wonderful cup of tea is what everyone needs to make their day successful. Tea has that amazing essence which makes you feel fresh and relaxed. A special kind of tea is the herbal laxative tea. What make it special however, are the different benefits you get by drinking it. Find out about the different types of herbal laxative tea.

Types of herbal laxative tea


The herbal laxatives not only help with constipation but it also helps to reduce weight. The antioxidants present in the tea will also help to strengthen the immune system.

The herbal tea can help you to get rid of all the unwanted materials present in the digestive system that sometimes cause serious disorders. However, you need to be careful because overuse of herbal laxatives can cause problems. Besides, you cannot rely on laxatives only to solve all your problems.


There are many kinds of herbal laxative tea. There are many laxative teas available on the market. Apart from these, the herbal teas can also be grown in your own backyard. There are many plants which can serve you well. Rhubarb, dandelion and buckthorn bark, casarca and senna leafs are the most common plants that can be grown.

Smooth Move

One of the herbal teas available in the market is Smooth Move that contains senna and is very useful in relieving occasional constipation. Senna is easily consumed by the body and is also available in the form of tablets and capsules.

Madal Bal syrup

Casarca and rhubarb are similar to senna and are very effective as laxatives. Tea made from the bark of the casarca may be quite bitter in taste but can be sweetened. These two are also available in capsule form but should not be used regularly without prescription from a doctor. Madal Bal syrup, made from maple trees, is another similar medication that helps you to become slim.

Making the herbal laxative tea


Making the herbal tea doesn’t require much expertise. If you buy a tea packet from the market, you will have directions for use given on the box. Otherwise, if you have a home-grown herbal plant, you need to pick the leaves of the plant and boil them for some time.

Some plants like casarca will not provide any benefit from the leaves, as the bark need to be used. The anthraquinones present will be released in the water and you will have a healthy cup of tea.

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