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When you are dating or in relationship with someone, it may happen that you feel something else is taking your place in the life of your partner. ONE EXAMPLE IS A BABY, A NEW CAR, A NEW HOUSE OR A NEW JOB. This is a little list of example but there are often silly small thing that can make you feel you are not the number one in his/her list.

The feeling of being abandoned by your partner is a very complex one. Have you ever feel that you were abandoned by your partner because she got something new? Let me tell you a secret, you get abandoned because you abandoned. Is this weird, yes it is and I’ll stick to it. You abandoned first.

Let me show you an example of something man/woman who feel abandoned must know. Take the case of a couple who got a baby and then the man felt that his wife was more interested in the baby than with the husband. There are two facts here, firstly is that the baby needs more care, meaning more time and this is why the wife will spend more time with the baby (unless the husband wants the baby to die) and secondly, why did the wife want to have a baby?! It is not because the husband has abandoned his wife in profit of his work or peer group?! This is the reason why the wife wanted a baby, to fill the void left by her husband.

For men now, why men might abandoned his wife and cheat on her(women too might cheat for this reason). Maybe because he was abandoned in the first place by his wife who was more interested in her career than in her couple. For the record, let me tell you that cheating for any reason is bad, don’t take this reason to cheat on your partner.

To summarise this post, I will tell that we are abandoned often (or feel as if it is happening) because maybe we started the process. If we take care of our partner, he/she will feel it and will give back the same care but if we started not to take care of him/her, sooner or later, we’ll find that our partner has abandoned us.
So, just take care of you partner and …cheerio

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